The HC.water is an engine coolant coupling that meets the “VDA Standards”.  The HC.water is manufactured in one piece out of galfan. Galfan provides necessary stability and very good corrosion properties.

There is basically only one version of the HC.water.  Therefore liquid silicon (LSR) is used as the standard sealing ring material.  Other material can be supplied on request.  In order to provide the best seal, a lip seal ring with a dirt scraper is used which also means that there is very low assembly force on the corresponding columns of the coupling.


  • Water coolers / Water pumps / Thermostats / Heating
  • HC.water crimped with plastic pipe
  • HC.water crimped with rubber hose



  • Plug: DX54D or DX56D + ZM200
  • Catch springs: Stainless steel (1.4310)
  • Catch spring covering: PA 6.6/PA 6 - Blend
  • Sealing element: LSR



  • 0,01 – 6,0 bar absolute



  • LSR - 40 °C to 135°C
    Short duration (22 h): up to 150 °C
    Ambient temperature motor: max 130 °C



  • Short construction time
  • Direct hose connection in the coupling
  • Catch spring on the coupling
  • 100% traceability with “Data Matrix”
  • Protects against catching with NOK parts
  • Arbour mount protection for NOK parts
  • Low assembly and disassembly forces
  • Anti-turn locking device
  • Secondary catch
  • Low system and/or process costs
  • Meets VDA standards
  • Anti-loss catch springs
  • Weight advantage