The HENN PIPE SPIGOT for coolant applications (HC.WATER PSP) complies with VDA standards. Due to its perfect surface finishing, HC.WATER PSP is the ideal choice for quick-lock connectors. HC.WATER PSP has been in serial production since 2014.

HC.WATER PIPE SPIGOT are made of galvanised steel and offer robustness, stability, coolant resistance and excellent corrosion properties. Due to their robustness, low assembly forces and high quality, they are increasingly replacing conventional clamped connections.


  • Water cooler, water pump, thermostat
  • Heat exchanger, coolant manifold, heating circuit
  • HC.WATER PIPE SPIGOT crimped onto metal tube


  • Stub: EN 10346 – 1.0436 [DX56D + ZM200]
  • Rotation lock: PA 66 Black
  • Sealing element: EPDM

Temperature range

  • EPDM: -40 – 135°C (150°C, 22h)

Pressure range

  • 0.01 – 6 bar absolute
  • Low system and process costs
  • Weight-saving
  • High surface quality
  • Outer rotation lock

All good connections are judged by their most intricate points. The fastening of a connector with a screw or pressure clamp is a compromise. This is why HENN developed its own crimping method, which not only crimps the hose onto the connector permanently, but also considers all material properties in the crimping parameters. The connection, crimping system and parameters come from one source - nothing could be more secure or more economical. No additional fastening elements are required.